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Custom orthotics

The fabrication of the orthotic appliance (or sole insert) requires a complete biomechanical examination, precise impression taking and the writing of a detailed prescription of the patient’s foot and pathology. The following are some conditions which may require the prescribing of custom orthotics:


Shin pain


Sore knees, hips or back

Pediatric podiatry

We explain the normal course of foot and leg development in the child. This includes reassuring and informing parents of the treatments offered for common conditions such as night leg pain, toe-in gait, flat feet and frequent falls. We offer additional pediatric services as well. The following are some conditions where pediatric podiatry may help:


Walking on the toes


Growth pains


In-toeing (Pidgeon toed)


Frequent falling


Out-toeing (Penguin toed)

Sports podiatry

Sports activities can affect the lower limbs in numerous ways. Plantar fasciitis, periostitis, knee pain, sprains and stress fractures are the most frequent types of injuries.


Shin pain

Dermatological care

Regular care is fundamental to ensure optimal foot health. Nail care, removal of corns and calluses, treating athlete’s foot and attending to warts and foreign bodies are all necessary.


Foreign bodies

Soft tissue surgery

The management of ingrown toenails can be achieved through surgery. This helps to prevent recurrence and subsequent infection, while relieving symptoms. Neuromas and cysts are other conditions that may require surgery.

Bone surgery

Reconstructive bone surgery of the foot is sometimes required to treat conditions that have not responded to more conservative approaches. Bunions, hammer toes, hallux limitus or rigidus (stiffness of the big toe) and interdigital corns (between the toes) are all examples.


Hallux limitus or rigidus (stiffness of the big toe)

Laser for fungus

The new cold laser offered in Ville Mont-Royal and Boisbriand is an interesting alternative to topical and oral treatments for the fungus of toenails.

Diabetic foot treatment

A diabetic’s feet are at an increased risk of developing lesions, which can pose serious consequences. Patient education, prevention and treatment of the lesions and any complications, are fundamental for diabetic foot health.


Regular footcare


Any trauma or injury to the foot or ankle may require emergency intervention to relieve symptoms, provide an expert diagnosis and prevent future complications.


Injury or trauma