To best help our patients, Bourque Podiatry Clinics offer a variety of professional services to ensure the health of the feet. This includes relieving pain and discomfort, preventing various conditions and providing expert treatment and advice.


Professional dermatological care is essential. Whether it be treatment for a diabetic foot, laser therapy for toenail fungus or various other disorders, ongoing care of your feet is fundamental for their health. Nail care, removal of corns and calluses, treatment of athlete’s foot, warts and foreign bodies are all conditions which need to be properly and promptly dealt with.


Most pains and disorders require follow-up visits. These appointments are essential for assessing the expected relief of your symptoms, providing further counselling and to adjust the treatment if necessary.


Minor soft tissue surgery and reconstructive bone surgery are safe and viable options for many foot disorders. Ingrown toenails, neuromas, cysts, bunions, hammer toes, hallux limitus or rigidus (stiffness of the big toe) and some interdigital bones (between the toes) can all be successfully treated with surgery.