The two clinics are proud to use the new cold Lunula laser for the treatment of fungal infections of the nail. The cold laser is painless and has no side effects which makes it an interesting alternative to topical and oral treatments for fungus.

Worried ?


Unlike the hot laser, the cold laser is completely painless.
According to the degree of discoloration, the podiatrist may suggest more treatments. At the first visit, the podiatrist will clean the nails and recommand the suggested protocol.
Yes! We use laser technology approved by Health Canada. No side effects were associated with the treatment.
Yes, laser treatment does not damage your feet in any way. You can put on your shoes and walk right after.
We normally reccomend to avoid using nail polish and/or pedicures during the whole nail therapy for nail discoloration.
Traditional treatments such as nail clipping and cleaning and topical or oral medications remain commonly used treatments for nail discoloration caused by a fungal infection. Simply trimming your nails keeps them neat, but doesn’t treat the fungus. Medicated creams need to be applied for 1 to 2 years and do not have a great success rate. Oral medications are prescribed for 3 to 9 months, and while the most effective treatment up to this day, they can produce significant side effects such as liver and kidney problems, loss of taste, headaches and itchy skin. Lunula laser is a fast, easy, safe and effective way to give a better esthetic appearance to a discolored nail.


It’s always better to be foot safe than foot sorry! Contact the Bourque Podiatry Clinic now to have a licensed podiatrist examine your feet.